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European Union
Dec 23 2020
“Should I Stay or Should I go?” The European Union in International Organizations
Alexandros Tokhi & Irem Ebetürk
Nov 9 2020
A Massive Open Online Course on the Sustainable Development Goals
Charline Depoorter & Axel Marx
Oct 26 2020
Voluntary Sustainability Standards and Market Transformation towards Sustainability. Trends and Challenges
Axel Marx & Santiago Fernandez de Cordoba
Oct 15 2020
Global AI governance and the Brussels effect
Lewin Schmitt
Oct 9 2020
Sustainability Standards as a Path to Rules-Based Connectivity between Europe and Central Asia
Axel Marx
Indonesia coronavirus
Oct 5 2020
As COVID-19 escalates in Indonesia, responses are fractured and fractious
Rebecca Meckelburg & Charan Bal
COVID directions
Oct 1 2020
COVID-19: New Directions for Global Governance?
Julia Kreienkamp
Artificial intelligence
Sep 25 2020
The Virus and the Machine: Why We Need to Talk About Global AI Governance
Tom Pegram & Buğra Süsler
Sep 14 2020
Covid-19: a new threat to European security and defence
Ana Sánchez Cobaleda
COVID-19 leadership
Sep 8 2020
COVID-19: Time to Put Strategic Foresight at the Heart of Leadership
Ricardo Borges de Castro & Lewin Schmitt
Jun 26 2020
COVID-19, Barcelona, and immigrants: The city as a refuge in times of uncertainty?
Juan Carlos Triviño-Salazar
Climate change
Jun 16 2020
Glasgow COP-26: Climate Policymakers Prevaricate while Business Leaders Plough On
Kyle S. Herman, Julia Kreienkamp & Tom Pegram
Jun 12 2020
Europe and the global competition of industrial policy
Angel Saz-Carranza & Konstantin Brosch
Economic crisis covid-19
Jun 5 2020
COVID-19’s reality shock for emerging economies: Solutions to deal with dependence on external funding
Alicia García Herrero
Italy flag
Jun 4 2020
Action and reaction: What Covid-19 can teach us about Italian regionalism
Elisabeth Alber
Financial Crisis Coronavirus
Jun 2 2020
The fuse in the powder keg: how the corona crisis can lead to civil wars
Martijn Vlaskamp
COVID-19 Planet
May 27 2020
Covid-19 and emerging economies: What to expect in the short- and medium-term
Alicia García Herrero
May 21 2020
At times of a pandemic: transnational solidarity not national borders
Anna Triandafyllidou
Coronavirus global
May 17 2020
Coronavirus is a failure of global governance – now the world needs a radical transformation
Tom Pegram
COVID19 world
May 12 2020
Covid-19: A New Paradigm of a Planetary Disease
Josep Maria Antó & Cristina O’Callaghan
Shipping container
May 11 2020
Trade as a harbinger of crisis and recovery: a scenario perspective
Enrique Rueda-Sabater & Angel Saz-Carranza
Revolving Doors
May 6 2020
The Revolving Doors of Washington and the Sliding Doors of Brussels
David Coen & Matia Vannoni
Coronavirus latin america
May 2 2020
COVID-19: An Opportunity for Regional Cooperation in Latin America?
Andrea Bianculli
Coronavirus and conflict
Apr 29 2020
Coronavirus and conflict: truces at times of crisis do not lead to peace on their own
Lesley-Ann Daniels
Coronavirus worried
Apr 22 2020
Complexity, uncertainty and ambiguity
Josep Maria Antó
EU in the COVID-19 Pandemic
Apr 8 2020
What role for the European Centre for Disease Control? Global Governance and the Missing Role of the EU in the COVID-19 Pandemic
Jacint Jordana & Juan Carlos Triviño-Salazar
Apr 7 2020
Indonesia’s Virus Response and What It Tells Us About Global Health Governance
Sukmawani Bela Pertiwi
Mapping global governance
Apr 2 2020
Mapping the global governance research landscape
Jacint Jordana, Lewin Schmitt & Adam Holesch
Global Governance Security
Mar 27 2020
Who does what? The global governance of international security
Ana Sánchez Cobaleda
Feb 18 2020
The Increasing Complexity of a Flattening Regime
Kari Otteburn
Feb 12 2020
Development for what? The evolving objectives of global development governance
Kari Otteburn
Global Trade
Jan 30 2020
The changing face of global trade
Kari Otteburn
Global Security
Jan 27 2020
Governance gaps in global security
Athanasios Kouliopoulos
Climate Change
Jan 22 2020
Global Climate Change Governance: Driving Systemic Change?
Julia Kreienkamp
Jan 8 2020
One Hundred Data Sets of Global Governance
Jacint Jordana, Lewin Schmitt & Adam Holesch
Trade Container
Dec 16 2019
As WTO's Dispute Settlement Body Dies a Dysfunctional Death, What Comes Next?
Vineet Hegde
Sep 13 2019
‘Rethinking Global Governance on Trade and Investment’ Conference: Insights on WTO Reform Proposals
Akhil Raina
Sep 9 2019
‘Rethinking Global Governance on Trade and Investment’ Conference: Insights on ISDS Reform Proposals
Vineet Hegde
World Trade Organization
Sep 1 2019
Contestation of Reforms to the WTO Notification Procedures: Inclusive Approach or More Differential Treatment?
Vineet Hegde & Jan Wouters
Sep 1 2019
In defence of global governance
Jan Wouters
Jun 19 2019
The Latin American View on Global Governance
Diana Tussie & Melisa Deciancio
May 23 2019
Holding Companies to Account for Human Rights Abuses
Axel Marx
May 14 2019
Global governance, regulation and transnational networks
Jacint Jordana