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Past Events

5th General Assembly

General Assembly

8 July 2022 - Expired
pin-map-navigationBrussels (KUL)

Climate Change Workshop

Work Package meeting, Expert Panel, Stakeholder Workshop

7 July 2022 - Expired
pin-map-navigationBrussels (KUL)

GLOBE Webinar: Rob Blair - Peacekeeping, Policing and the Rule of Law after Civil War

16 September 2021 - Expired

GLOBE Webinar: Genevieve LeBaron - Combatting Modern Slavery: Why Labour Governance is Failing and What We Can Do About It

10 June 2021 - Expired

GLOBE Webinar: Julia Kreienkamp and Tom Pegram - Global Climate Governance

6 May 2021 - Expired

GLOBE Webinar: David Coen - Business Lobbying in the European Union

28 April 2021 - Expired

GLOBE roundtable: The European Union and the governance of the COVID-19 pandemic

14 April 2021 - Expired

Webinar series on the contribution of SDGs to Global Governance. Governança multinivell i ODS: el paper de les autoritats locals (Panel III)

19 March 2021 - Expired