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Dataset on Cybersecurity

Institution (full name) Acronym Year of creation Website
3rd Generation Partnership Project 3GPP 1998 www.3gpp.org
African Network Operators Group AfNOG 2000 www.afnog.org
African Union AU 2002 https://au.int/en
Alianza contra Piratería de Televisión Paga ALIANZA 2013 www.alianza.tv
Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement  ACTA 2011 https://ustr.gov/acta
Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization AMTSO 2010 www.amtso.org
Anti-Phishing Working Group APWG 2003 https://apwg.org
Asia Pacific Computer Emergency Response Team APCERT 2002 www.apcert.org
Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation APEC 1989 www.apec.org
Asia-Pacific Telecommunity APT 1979 www.apt.int
Association of Southeast Asian Nations  ASEAN 1967 https://asean.org
Bank for International Settlements BIS 1930 www.bis.org
Caribbean Community and Common Market CARICOM 1973 https://caricom.org/
Cloud Security Alliance CSA 2009 https://cloudsecurityalliance.org
Club de Berne   1971  
Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa COMESA 1994 www.comesa.int
Commonwealth of Independent States CIS 1991 https://e-cis.info
Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation CTO 1967 www.cto.int
Computer & Communications Industry Association CCIA 1972 www.ccianet.org
Council of Europe CoE 1949 www.coe.int
Cyber Threat Alliance CTA 2017 www.cyberthreatalliance.org
DIGITALEUROPE   1999 www.digitaleurope.org
DNS-Operations and Research Center DNS - OARC 2008 www.dns-oarc.net
East African Community EAC 1999 www.eac.int
Economic Community of Central African States ECCAS 1983 https://au.int/en/recs/eccas
Economic Community of West African States ECOWAS 1975 www.ecowas.int
Eurasia Network Operators Group ENOG 2010 www.enog.org
European Central Bank ECB 1998 www.ecb.europa.eu
European Committee for Standardization CEN 1961 https://standards.cen.eu
European Cyber Security Organisation ESCO 2016 https://ecs-org.eu
European Digital Rights EDRi 2002 https://edri.org
European Law Enforcement Organisation Europol 1998 www.europol.europa.eu
European Telecommunications Standards Institute  ETSI 1988 www.etsi.org
European Union EU 1993 https://europa.eu/european-union
European Union Agency for Cybersecurity ENISA 2004 www.enisa.europa.eu
Financial Action Task Force FATF 1989 www.fatf-gafi.org
Financial Stability Board FSB 2009 www.fsb.org
Five Eyes Alliance FVEY 1946  
Forum for Incident Response and Security Teams  FIRST 1990 www.first.org
Group of 7 G7 1975  
Groupe Speciale Mobile Association GSMA 1987 www.gsma.com
Industrial Internet Consortium IIC 2014 www.iiconsortium.org
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers  IEEE 1963 www.ieee.org
International Chamber of Commerce ICC 1919 https://iccwbo.org
International Criminal Police Organisation Interpol 1923 www.interpol.int
International Electrotechnical Commission IEC 1906 www.iec.ch
International Federation for Information Processing IFIP 1960 www.ifip.org
International Monetary Fund IMF 1944 www.imf.org
International Organization for Standardization ISO 1947 www.iso.org
International Telecommunication Union ITU 1865 www.itu.int
International Trademark Association INTA 1878 www.inta.org
International Watch and Warning Network IWWN 2004  
Internet Engineering Task Force IETF 1986 www.ietf.org
Internet Infrastructure Coalition i2Coalition 2012 www.i2coalition.com
Internet Society ISOC 1992 www.internetsociety.org
IoT Security Policy Platform   2019 www.internetsociety.org/iot/iot-security-policy-platform/
League of Arab States LAS 1945  
London Action Plan / Unsolicited Communications Enforcement Network LAP - UCENET 2004 www.ucenet.org
Messaging, Malware and Mobile Anti-Abuse Working Group M3AWG 2004 www.m3aawg.org
Microsoft Cybersecurity Tech Accord   2018 https://cybertechaccord.org
Microsoft Virus Information Alliance   2003 https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/security/threat-protection/intelligence/virus-information-alliance-criteria
NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence CCDCOE 2008 https://ccdcoe.org
North Atlantic Treaty Organization NATO 1949 www.nato.int
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development  OECD 1961 www.oecd.org
Organisation of Islamic Cooperation OIC 1969 www.oic-oci.org
Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe OSCE 1975 www.osce.org
Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards OASIS 1993 www.oasis-open.org
Organization of American States OAS 1948 www.oas.org
Paris Call for Trust and Security in Cyberspace    2018 https://pariscall.international
Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council PCI SSC 2006 www.pcisecuritystandards.org
Shanghai Cooperation Organisation SCO 2001 http://eng.sectsco.org
Siemens Charter of Trust   2018 www.charteroftrust.com
Society for the Policing of Cyberspace POLCYB 1999 www.polcyb.org
Southern African Development Community SADC 1992 www.sadc.int
Spamhaus Project   1998 www.spamhaus.org
The Commonwealth of Nations   1931 https://thecommonwealth.org
The Software Alliance BSA 1988 www.bsa.org
Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat TCS 2011 www.tcs-asia.org
United Nations UN 1945 www.un.org
Wassenaar Arrangement    1995 www.wassenaar.org
Wi-Fi Alliance   1999 www.wi-fi.org
World Customs Organization  WCO 1952 www.wcoomd.org
World Economic Forum WEF 1971 www.weforum.org/platforms/the-centre-for-cybersecurity
World Intellectual Property Organization WIPO 1967 www.wipo.int
World Wide Web Consortium W3C 1994 www.w3.org