Funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 program, the Project “Global Governance and the European Union: Future Trends and Scenarios (GLOBE)”, addresses the strategic priorities identified in the EU Global Strategy such as – trade, development, security and climate change – as well as migration and global finance, in order to identify the major roadblocks to effective and coherent global governance by multiple stakeholders in a multipolar world.




Project Kick-off Meeting

February 2019
pin-map-navigationBarcelona (IBEI)

1st Progress-Meeting

(General Assembly and Advisory Board)

April 2019
pin-map-navigationLeuven (KUL)

International Advisory Board Meeting

April 2019
pin-map-navigationLeuven (KUL)

Panel Debate: International and European Perspectives on Trade in Global Governance

April 2019
pin-map-navigationNorway House, Brussels

Workshop on data gathering methods

(only participants involved in empirical tasks)

June 2019
pin-map-navigationIsrael (HUJI)

2nd Progress-Meeting

(General Assembly) 

February 2020
pin-map-navigationBerlin (WZB)

3rd Progress-Meeting

(General Assembly and Advisory Board)

September 2020
pin-map-navigationLondon (UCL)

4rd Progress-Meeting

(General Assembly)

April 2021
pin-map-navigationBarcelona (IBEI / ESADE)