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5 - Climate Change

Leader: University College London (UCL)


Climate change is one of the most daunting issues facing the international community in the 21st century. It is a global governance challenge par excellence, since the actions of all States, corporations and individuals in this domain often have transboundary consequences on all others regardless of territorial boundaries. The international community has made major strides to effectively tackling the issue and many governance initiatives have been taken since the early 1990s, including concerted efforts within the EU. However, multiple challenges continue to hinder the establishment of a comprehensive regime and institutional framework capable of effectively combating climate change. Despite ample scientific consensus that the effects of climate change are real and will have profoundly negative impacts on a range of public goods, from security to trade, health and human rights, efforts to advance an ambitious policy response have so far fallen far short of what is required. Attribution of responsibility has also proven difficult, especially between developed, emerging and developing countries. Finally, a transition towards a carbon-neutral economy may be vital, but its implications for economic growth have also served to impede ambition – not least the challenge of reskilling national workforces for green jobs. In this domain, the private sector also has an important role to play.

The WP’s objectives are to:

  • Map the global regime on combating climate change, logics of cooperation and accountability and the scope for mobilising collective action through political, institutional and social channels.
  • Closely study the regime created by the UNFCCC and the Paris Agreement, as well as locate a sophisticated EU apparatus within this global regime.
  • Study the place and contribution of the private sector in the fight against climate change.

Assess the major threats - both direct and indirect - to global health from climate change and investigate different climate governance scenarios for global health risks.

David Coen - University College London, WP5 Leader

Reports Work Package 5 - Climate Change